Making The Best Of It

Saturday was gloomy and cool but that didn’t deter me from hitting the trail. I’ve been dying to get out for a hike for about a month now. Sadly, it has been rainy or dark every time the opportunity has been available.

The trail was nearly deserted and there were few people around to interfere with my peaceful morning. It reminded me that sometimes conditions in life are not ideal. Sometimes it’s a little dreary and cool. Sometimes you can’t have just what you want. That doesn’t mean you should not push forward, make the best of your circumstances, and reach for what will make you happy.

In fact, you may just find the experience more enjoyable because you’re pushing forward while the crowds are holding back.

10 thoughts on “Making The Best Of It

    • Oh dear. This winter has been terrible. Lots of rain and no snow. If the sun is shining, I guarantee I’m at work. Saturday’s are rainy and cold. Terrible. Sorry pal but they say misery loves company.

      • Agreed – I was hoping to get to the south coast this weekend but apparently we’re due a storm…

        It is funny how the weather is always nice when you’re working!

      • Mother Nature is a cruel jokester at times. It’s raining here for the foreseeable future so I’m planning to settle in with a book this weekend.

      • That’s awesome! This is my busiest time of year at work. Stress is wearing me out and the fear of flu has left me content to stay home and rest. Meanwhile, adventuring planning is underway for later this year so there is hope!

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