Frankfort Presbyterian Church

a presbyterian church in frankfort (4).JPG

This Presbyterian Church in Frankfort, Ohio is one of several interesting things I photographed in the village one summer morning last year.

It features some of my favorite things – including these beautiful doors.

a presbyterian church in frankfort (3)

And these gorgeous stained glass windows. Notice the angels are African American. That’s not something you see every day in southern Ohio. Aren’t they spectacular?

a presbyterian church in frankfort (1)

Churches often have the most stunning architectural features and works of art. I would love to see inside this one someday. People were gathering for a funeral across the street that day so I didn’t linger long but am contemplating returning for a service someday. The windows illuminated at night would be worth the trip.




2 thoughts on “Frankfort Presbyterian Church

  1. Do you know the history of the Frankfort Presbyterian Church? It was started by the Rankins of Ripley, Ohio. John Rankin’s house is on a hill overlooking the Ohio River, and he was a stop on the Underground Railroad. One of the early important people of the church was David C. Anderson. Mr. Anderson kept a record of all of his students he had in Sunday School over the course of four or five decades. He traveled throughout the Mediterranean and to the Holy Land in 1903 with the world Sunday School convention, and the stories of his journeys were published in the Gazette. The church building was completed in 1894.

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