Scout’s First Christmas

Shopping for Scout’s first Christmas may have gotten out of control. I realized while gift wrapping Sunday that he’s going to have more presents under the tree than most kids will have this Christmas.

Here he is after a busy day of helping me wrap presents. He was all tuckered out so he curled up with his blankie in his favorite chair. He tried to supervise a little longer but his eyes were just too heavy to stay awake.

That little cat won the lottery when he picked me up in the street.

6 thoughts on “Scout’s First Christmas

  1. Awwww no one deserves more presents and love than our kitties and doggos! And yes, Scout definitely won the lottery choosing you to be his Mama or whatever you are to him.

    Ugh, don’t start me weeping already on Christmas! We haven’t even had breakfast yet and I’m already starting. LOL

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

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