A Beautiful Day

I celebrated the completion of my Christmas shopping by catching a matinee on Saturday. For 108 minutes I sat in a nearly empty theater, lost in the world of Fred Rogers and the cynical reporter assigned to write a fluff piece about him.

Friends, you need to see this movie.

In fact, I think that everyone needs to see this movie. It’s an uplifting glimpse into how Fred Rogers treated people. He loved people and could always spare the time for a sick child or to inquire about what was upsetting to another adult.

“I like you just the way you are” is a line he used often and meant. He truly was interested in the well being of others and he believed in the power of a kind word.

Personally, I’m trying to do better at offering kind words, especially to strangers. I don’t do small talk very well but never hesitate to compliment a stranger’s accessories. It sounds silly but most women beam when you notice their scarf, cute hat or broach and it often inspires a conversation.

The bottom line is that this movie has a happy ending, something the world so desperately needs. I’m sick of political bickering. I miss the days before Facebook when I didn’t know that so many neighbors and friends are actually selfish racists and homophobes who mainly want everyone to be exactly like them.

I’m tired of being disappointed by the world. We need more Fred Rogers and less of what’s on the news every day.

Tom Hanks does a beautiful job bringing to life this man who was an icon of so many Americans childhoods. I was also pleased to see his wife, Joanne Rogers, had a quick cameo.

In short, this movie made my day and I’m excited to add it to my collection.

If you’re so cynical that you think you don’t need to see the film, you need it most of all. Go. Report back. We’ll chat about it.

8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day

  1. Not being from the US I’m not too aware of Mr Rodgers, but he does sound like a lovely chap – and as you said, how nice to have a feel good film for a change.

    Tom Hanks – wow, what an amazing actor that guy is.

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