Katherine Hepburn at the Frick

Katherine Hepburn is known for her acting talent, distinctive voice and daring fashion sense. She’s also one of my favorite film stars.

There’s a traveling exhibit dedicated to her fashion and career and it is currently living at the Frick in Pittsburgh.

The exhibit does a nice job using movie posters, photographs and scripts to tell the story of the costumes. Some costumes are from popular films while others are from her early career and films a bit more obscure.

They also have a selection of her famed trousers which she wore long before it was socially acceptable for women to wear pants.

Check out the quote on the wall. I like her spunk.

As an aside, these pieces are on loan from a large collection at Kent State here in Ohio.

It’s available at the Frick in Pittsburgh for a limited times it will wrap up on January 12 and admission is $15. There’s a lot to see at the Frick and I wrote about that a few days ago. Read more here. It’s a wonderful way to pass a day and I would highly recommend a visit to the Frick of you enjoy art and. history.

Plan your visit here.

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