From Whole 30 To Plant Based Eating

We have discussed the Whole 30 way of eating a few times on this blog. It’s a great means to ditch bad eating habits like a sugar addiction and to learn what foods might be causing your health issues.

Unfortunately, Whole 30 doesn’t have a vegetarian plan and instead pushes pescatarian eating. I followed this plan for more than a year, mainly straying off course in restaurants and for special occasions like cake in the lunchroom at work.

But I don’t care that much for seafood and had grown tired of the meal plan. It was time for a change but I wasn’t sure what that change would be.

Ditching the seafood in favor of vegetarian eating sounded favorable but so many vegetarian recipes prominently feature a grain – bread, pasta, rice – along with some kind of cheese and beans.

I hadn’t eaten grains, beans or dairy on any consistent basis since starting the Whole 30. Sure, I would order pizza, a sandwich or pancakes in a restaurant but never brought these things home.

Not even the healthy whole grain stuff.

As I wrestled with food questions, it became increasing clear that my desire to eat vegetarian was at odds with many of the unhealthy recipes the internet provides.

And then I met Dewey, a friend whose health scare caused him to completely overhaul his traditional American diet of basically everything he wanted. Now he eats a plant based diet which also eliminates oils and sugar.

He has cut his cholesterol in half and lost about forty pounds in a season. He now enjoys each day as a new man – energetic and happy.

When I expressed interest in his food habits, he shared the details of his diet – called the Engine 2 plan – and how it has improved his life.

Then he suggested I try it for thirty days.

I said yes because you can do anything for thirty days, right?

As the thirty day marker approaches, I am quite happy with this way of eating. I feel energetic, my skin looks better and I feel better most days.

Honestly, I’m still figuring out what works and what I like, experimenting with new recipes and trying to determine what is right for me.

I don’t expect to have such stunning results as Dewey has enjoyed. For one thing, going from eating mostly seafood and produce to including grains and beans seems like it will make weight loss a little harder.

But I love that I feel clear of mind and have lots of energy. Plus, I’m hopeful that my cholesterol will be a little lower at my next doctor visit.

The biggest challenge to date has been restaurant eating. There’s a road trip on the horizon this fall and restaurants in the towns where I’ll be have limited plant based options. If they have a meatless option, it’s typically grilled cheese or maybe some kind of heavy pasta or a sad little salad.

Restaurant green beans are often cooked with pork in them, giving even the sides section of a menu the feel of a mine field. And I refuse to live off the sad little iceberg lettuce salads that so many places try to pass off as a meal.

There are some fast food options. For example, the Burger King Impossible Whopper is tasty but it’s still heavily processed fast food that should be a treat rather than a dietary staple. Qdoba caters to vegans but I assume they use oils in their cooking. Yet cooking oil on vegetables sounds like a lesser evil than greasy grilled cheese someplace else. Subway preserves their vegetables to the point they taste like plastic so that’s not a viable option either.

The good news is that I’m clearly committed because I’m already considering how to make it work and how much I’m willing to bend on vacation.

Since I’ll be in one hotel for a few days, taking a blender would allow for breakfast smoothies in the room.

I’m thinking there will be pancakes for dinner one night – a comfort food and a luxury at dinner time if there ever was one. That’s a single meal with pancakes made from white flour, eggs and milk with highly processed syrup instead of the pure stuff from home.

What other concessions am I willing to make on vacation? These are not game time decisions because I promise you, I will make the wrong choice when I’m hungry and the pressure is on.

Every. Single. Time.

I don’t want to be so strict that eating becomes a hassle but I do want to find hacks and means for nourishing my body without sacrificing my goals.

That’s not asking too much, right?

4 thoughts on “From Whole 30 To Plant Based Eating

  1. ah welcome to the world of being a veggie – where eating out is a PITA.
    That diet sounds good and shouldn’t be too difficult if you plan it out. We did a detox thing last year where you couldn’t anything but air it would seem and it worked well.

    It sounds to me like you’ve got the right idea, the smoothie maker included. I think it’s OK to indulge a bit on hols, but as long as it evens out and you don’t do it every day it should be ok. If you have the option of making your own food that’ll increase your options a lot. When we had our three week trip in Wales earlier in the year we didn’t really eat out that much, even during the week we were living out of a suitcase in hotels.

    • Nothing but air. Lol. That would be detoxifying! Good to know you were able to make it work in your travels.

      There’s a fridge in the room and the hotel does a continental breakfast so I assume there’s a toaster. I could use their toaster for peanut butter on toast with my smoothies.

      I’ll pack some homemade granola and could get some fresh stuff for salads. But I do want to eat out some- that’s part of the fun!

      The pancakes will be my big extravagance. A lot of times ethnic restaurants are good sources for healthier stuff. I love Mexican and fajitas without the dairy products may be a good option. I found a Vietnamese restaurant that does pho and my friend suggested gluten free pizza crust with just veggies and sauce.

      I’ll keep working on it!

    • The Whole 30 served me well but I’m really loving my plant based diet now. It’s quite limiting in restaurants but I love the food I make at home. It’s a journey, finding the eating habits that will satisfy and make us healthy. It certainly has taken me a long time to get to where I am so I wish you the best as you work through it too!

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