Firehouse Brewing Company

Rapid city downtown (1)If you’re ever in Rapid City, South Dakota and looking for a good meal, check out Firehouse Brewing Company in the heart of downtown. 

The Firehouse isn’t just a name. It’s actually located in the city’s original firehouse which was constructed in 1915. It’s a two story building with loft and outdoor seating. The bar features all sorts of interesting things including firefighting apparatus, ladders, pictures and patches. The original fire pole is still in place too!

Plus there’s exposed brick, dim lighting, big windows, pretty wood and lots of red – some of my favorite things! The customer service is pretty good and the menu is extensive enough to please almost everyone. They even had a Beyond Burger, making it A-OK in my book since not all restaurants are so friendly to vegans and vegetarians. The prices are fair and the service was great. We were there at about 6 p.m. on Labor Day and waited fifteen minutes for a table. But the wait was less than expected and they send you a text when your table is ready so you can take a stroll while you wait.

They’ve been in business since the early nineties and I’m hoping they’re around for a long time to come. It’s a great restaurant and I would absolutely recommend it. I’m not a drinker so I didn’t try any of the beer but they’re well known by locals and tourists alike as the best brewpub in town.

Want to drool over the menu? Do it here!   Or you can click here to read about downtown Rapid City!

10 thoughts on “Firehouse Brewing Company

  1. Interesting menu – that beyond burger sounds nice but what I really like the sound of was the ‘Mac N Cheese Mini bites’ off the kids menu – with fries? – yes please 😀 (the bear bread sounds nice too).

    Sounds like a good place!

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