Prairie Dogs Have The Cutest Faces!

prairie dog 2.JPG

Of all the wildlife we saw in Wyoming and South Dakota, I was most excited to see prairie dogs.

Prairie dogs bear no resemblance to dogs but instead are a member of the squirrel family. They’re a little bigger than a squirrel but have tiny ears and short tales, living in burrows in the ground. Their only similarity to actual dogs is the kind of bark they use to communicate.

These little guys are adorable. Unfortunately, while cute, they’re dangerous. They can bite people and tend to carry diseases, fleas, ticks and lice.  If you ever see one, don’t try to feed or pet it or bring it home to be your pet. Just snap a picture and bring home the memory of seeing their cute little faces in the wild!

Want to know more about my western vacation? I’ll be writing more about it in the coming days. You might want to start here.


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