Adventures in Cat Parenting

I bought a playpen for my cat this weekend. It will enable Scout to be outside when I’m working or relaxing. With mesh sides and top, he can see out and safely get plenty of fresh air. It’s not huge- about 36″ in diameter and 23″ inches tall- but it’s a good size for a cat to just hang out and play with toys.

We went outside early this morning so I could work on a project. I set him up in the shade and provided several toys as well as fresh water to keep him happy for a while.

And he was happy… for a while.

He sat and looked around, watching the birds and chattering occasionally. And then he started chattering to me.


The next thing I knew, there was a scuffling noise and I turned around in time to see the aftermath of what appeared to be a riot. He had overturned the playpen, dumping his bowl and scattering toys everywhere.

And then he started to cry.

I ran to get him out and he purred happily, cozying up underneath my chin as we went back to the house.

Evidently, he just wanted a little attention.

This week has been an exercise in patience as I try to persuade him to drink more water. He refuses to drink from a bowl so I bought him one of those kitty water fountains to insure he always has fresh water. But he parades past that thing to beg for fresh water in the sink.

He’s not at all spoiled, right?

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