The Whistle Stop

Yesterday’s story about the lunatic asylum was pretty dark so I think we need to talk about something a little more fun.

Let’s go to The Whistle Stop!

If you take Interstate 65 south of Louisville like you’re headed to Nashville, you’ll see an exit for a little town called Glendale, Kentucky. The town is actually a couple of miles off the highway but an easy drive unless you’re in a big rig.

Here you’ll find tree lined streets, some antique stores, a bed and breakfast and a cafe next to a very active railroad track. It’s called the Whistle Stop. Here you’ll find a hometown atmosphere with waitresses who call you ‘hon’ in a way you won’t find condescending. The atmosphere is nice, the food is plentiful and the desert is delicious.

My traveling companion had a soup and sandwich. I got the country vegetable platter that let me choose four things off the sides menu – mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, steamed veggies and cornbread. It was nothing like the cornbread we Yankees make using Jiffy mixes. It was flat like a pancake and not at all sweet. Different but good, especially with a little butter.

My meal was pretty good (Heavy on the carbs. Eek!) but the cobbler was delicious.

This building was once a hardware store operated by a local couple. In the seventies, the wife claim a corner and opened a small sandwich shop. Pretty soon, people were coming by for the good eats rather than the hardware. So they eventually closed the store and transformed the space into a full restaurant including an upstairs banquet room. The walls are lined with interesting things to look at – vintage tins, pictures, old lanterns and the like. A well timed train traveling through blew its whistle, helping make the experience even more fun.

I wouldn’t drive all the way to Glendale just to have lunch (If you’re looking for a place I would drive to just for lunch, the Oasis Diner tops that list) but it’s a fantastic stop along the way.

I’d like to go back someday to hit the antique stores and take my camera for a walk down those pretty little streets. That very well could be part of my next rambling road trip! Interested in the Whistle Stop? Click here!

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