Toronto Skyline

Toronto skyline.JPG

Isn’t the Toronto skyline beautiful? This is the view from a ferry ride at sunset a couple of years ago. If you’re visiting a city that offers a ferry – even if it’s really a commuter ferry – take a ride! It’s usually just a few bucks each way but offers you a different view of the city and offers you a fun diversion.

This particular ferry took us to Toronto Island Park which was practically deserted that October evening as darkness had all but fallen when we arrived. But we walked around  a bit before hopping on the next boat back and enjoying the city lit up for the night.

This was a trip of many amazing memories and experiences but this inexpensive little boat ride is hands down one of the best things we did.

Has It Been Two Weeks Already?

Scout came into my life just two weeks ago but has already taken over the house, my sleep schedule and all manner of other things in that short time.

Lightening quick and so dark he absorbs light, he’s darn near impossible to photograph but has the cutest little baby face.

At just 2.5 pounds, he’s still just a little tyke. He’s too small for a harness so I’m working on leash training with a collar. But seeing as how he is a cat – well, it’s slow going to put it kindly.

He loves short walks in his backpack and I’m optimistic he will get used to the leash so we’ll be adventure ready soon. If it would ever stop raining, I would take him on some little hikes in his backpack that involve a short car ride too.

But it’s evidently monsoon season in Ohio so it has rained basically every day for as long as anyone can remember. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Scout has proven himself quite the escape artist – to the extent I’m thinking about renaming him Houdini.

He loves to play with toys, enjoys watching cartoons on my phone (classic Tom and Jerry is the current favorite), loathes the vacuum cleaner and still thinks the best place for a nap is curled up under my chin.

He’s kept me closer to home than normal these two weeks. Cats tend not to need much attention or care thanks to their independent nature but he’s so small I feel compelled to spend more time with him. He still eats smaller, more frequent meals and laps up every bit of attention you offer.

Life is good with little Scout. He certainly has brightened my world and given me a reason to go home every day. Here’s hoping we can report back on an adventure soon!

Wonder Where It’s Been?

A car show is one of my favorite places to be on a warm summer evening. I love classic cars and they’re fun to photograph so I spent Friday night wandering around the car show at Logan’s Washboard Festival. Just as good as the cars? There are ample opportunities for people watching!

This 1966 VW Bus arrived a little late and was an immediate hit with the crowd. It’s a little rough but the faded upholstery and touches of rust give this vehicle true character.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, but imperfections are often what give things true beauty and interest. Whether it’s a an inanimate object like a classic VW or even a person- each flaw is just a reminder that it has survived.

What’s a little rust when you consider how long this vehicle has been bouncing around the countryside? And boy- don’t you wish this car could talk? I’m dying to know where it has been and what it has seen over the last 53 years!

World War I and Nitro

Nitro, West Virginia was founded in 1917 as a gunpowder manufacturing center for the war effort. Since the town’s origins are tied to World War I, it seems most appropriate that they have a memorial park dedicated to this war and it’s veterans.

It’s a bright spot in their downtown and a sight to behold with a large mural, statues, flags and beautiful artwork.

I dwelled here for several minutes, taking pictures and thinking back on all those lives lost and the sacrifices made by the community born from war.