A Little Drive With Scout

Scout hanging out in his backpack!

Scout and I went for a little drive after work Friday. I loaded him up in his backpack and we went to Londonderry for a milkshake at the donut shop.

To be clear, I had a milkshake. He just rode shotgun! Also, the milkshake was delicious, in case you were wondering.

Overall, this adventure was pretty successful.

He rode like a champ, talking some along the way but staying calm. The problem with the backpack is that he can’t see out the windows and he loves to look around. So I let him sit in my lap on the way home and he was much, much happier.

I’m not sure what the long term solution will be. Having him loose in the car isn’t a good plan. He stayed on his leash and attached to the backpack so he couldn’t bolt if there was an accident but I’m not thrilled about him being out. Not to mention, if there’s something especially interesting to see he tends to climb on my shoulder. Ha, ha, ha. I never did decide how I would explain that if I got pulled over.

Do you travel with a cat? What tips and tricks do you have for a safe, happy journey?

We had no issues with car sickness or anything like that. The excitement did seem to wear him out. He slept like a log when we got home!

Being able to travel safely with him is important. In fact, I hope to take him on a longish road trip this fall and am already starting to consider the logistics of traveling and sightseeing with the little guy.

Hit me up in the comments or on Facebook with your tips and tricks!

10 thoughts on “A Little Drive With Scout

  1. OMGosh look at that cute baby!!!!

    I don’t have a solution for you but I have a story! A kitten, Kaila, came into my life once on the EVE of a trip from Arizona to California to visit relatives. I had no choice but to bring the kitten with me. Luckily my cousin was traveling with me. It was a 4-hour drive and I didn’t even have a cat carrier yet so Kaila rode in my cousins hands, which she positioned so that Kaila was propped up like she was in a little human hand seat. She sat that way and looked out the front window most of the way. Cousins arms and hands needed a rest periodically of course. LOL Four hours… Too bad we didn’t have cell phones and Instagram back then. As long as she could see out she was happy and pretty quiet.

    So, if there is a way to contain the kitty yet allow him to see out, I think that’s the solution, but I don’t know how to make that happen.

    What kind of milkshake did you get?????

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