Dairy Bar Fun

One of the best things about a summer road trip is stopping at a corner dairy bar for lunch or just some ice cream.

On a recent Saturday morning, I drove some backroads looking for photo ops. Lunch was at this fun little dairy bar – grilled cheese and a chocolate shake under an umbrella.

It doesn’t get much better than a cold shake on a sunny blue sky day. If you’re interested, the Frankfort Dairy Cone is in Frankfort, Ohio and it is closed on Sundays. Gotta love a small town mom and pop that still closes on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Dairy Bar Fun

  1. Ohmygosh why doesn’t this little tiny town have a dairy bar??????? Actually, there used to be one in Ash Flat but it has never been open any of the times I’ve ever been here to visit the Parents and now its long gone. Now I’m off to google where the nearest one in Arkansas is. A dairy bar!!!! Grilled cheese and chocolate shake sounds divine.

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