Spotting A Scout!

When I was a kid my grandpa owned an International Harvester Scout much like the one pictured above. His was green and a little older, I think. Nonetheless, childhood memories come rushing back each time I cross paths with an old Scout.

A precursor to the modern SUV, the Scout was a competitor of the popular Jeep. I’m a little sad the Scout didn’t survive.

If I had unlimited funds, I’d buy one to take on my adventures. Seems like a perfect adventuring car for a nerd girl with a flair for the vintage.

This little red number was parked outside the Silver Moon Diner last month. Isn’t it pretty?

It always surprises me how quickly memories flood in at the sight of an old car or even just by catching a whiff of perfume. We’re lucky, I suppose, to have the ability to summon a good memory with something so simple as an old car in a diner parking lot.

Did you ever drive a Scout? Tell me about it!

12 thoughts on “Spotting A Scout!

  1. Now you’ve done it!!! I learned how to do “four-wheelin’ ” in a 1964 Scout. Dad owned/managed the oldest International Harvester dealership west of the Mississippi River until it closed in 1976. The first Scout that came in for sale was used as a shop vehicle….which I got stranded twice in snow. The shop foreman took me out and gave me some Special High Intensity Training in using 4WD. Never got stuck again. As to maintenance issues it has been my experience that any Jeep CJ-5/7 onward to today needs a wrench laid on it with great regularity. The Scouts, not so much. Sure wish I had a pre-75 Scout now!!!

      • I have been toying with that very idea. I need to find a pre-75 Scout, preferably with a 4 cylinder engine with no rust (almost impossible to do unless you live in the desert!!). I’ve wanted a “guy-mobile” that I could get in and take to the bush with a camera and my Ham Radio gear for a weekend of fun.

  2. I love the Scout. Love the old Jeeps. Now they have a jeep that looks like a truck. Best thing they have made in a long time. Too bad I can’t afford one. Guess I’ll have to wait 10 years.

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