Pay Phones

This photo got a lot of play on my Facebook page last weekend.

Phone booths and pay phones used to be commonplace in cities and rural communities across the country. Today they’re such a rare sight I usually stop and take note when one presents itself. I actually wrote about pay phones on another occasion.

This little beauty is close to an old Masonic Hall turned community building and a cute little dairy bar in Frankfort, Ohio.

It’s another of those things that I photograph largely because they are being lost to time and progress. I wrote a little about that recently and about making pictures that depict all of the scene and not just the pretty part.

Read that here if you missed it.

It’s a weird thing to get excited about but it’s a sort of comfort that such a thing still exists.

20 thoughts on “Pay Phones

    • I find them occasionally and always snap a picture. There are a few in my area including one in a small tourist town where cell reception is poor and in another town where there’s a regional jail. I just saw one this weekend at a Pennsylvania rest area. That was a surprise and yet it did make sense.

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