A Signed Rolling Pin?

Occasionally you stumble upon something in an antique store or thrift shop that makes you ponder its origins. I love a good mystery and recently found something that has my imagination hard at work.

Check out this vintage rolling pin that is signed by a whole lot of people!

The ink pen signatures are still easily discernible but there are several in pencil that are darn near impossible to read.

I wonder who these people were and why they were signing a rolling pin. Perhaps a bridal shower gift or a going away present? It’s hard to tell but I love it.

It’s interesting, the difference in the way we value things. The seller had several vintage rolling pins valued at between about fifteen and thirty dollars.

This one was just eight- presumably because of the signatures. However, it was worth more to me than the others because of the signatures and the mystery that they provoke in my mind.

With a vendor sale that day I got this treasure for about six bucks. I don’t need it and have no idea what will become of it in my house but it needed to be rescued and added to my collection of randomness.

Do you have thoughts on who would sign a rolling pin and why? Was it a tradition? Does it have significance? I would love to hear your ideas!

6 thoughts on “A Signed Rolling Pin?

  1. Could it be a cooking or home ec. class? Ladies in a church group that rolled out dozens and dozens of crusts for apple dumplings? All the women in a family signing late Grandma’s rolling pin as they learned how to use it?

    Very cool find.

    • It is a cool find and I have so many scenarios in mind! Lol. Signing it would make it pretty much useless as a rolling pin so I’m thinking it was a going away present or shower gift or something like that. Or like you said, a cooking class souvenir. It’s hard to tell but I’m glad to have it. 🙂

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