Making the Best Of A Bad Situation

This is a visual representation of what happens when you make the best of things. It’s in the front yard of a lovely home that I passed during an adventure Saturday.

Losing an old tree is a traumatic experience for those of us who love trees. To add insult to injury, dealing with the tree trunk left behind is a pain.

These folks made the best of a bad situation and turned theirs into a cute little home suited for a gnome.

My apologies for the angle of the photo. There was nowhere to pull over so I just stopped in the road and snapped this through the open car window. In case you’re curious – the roof is red and super cute.

6 thoughts on “Making the Best Of A Bad Situation

  1. I love that!!!! I wonder if you have to bring all the little pieces inside whenever rain is on the way. If so, I’m out because I’d for sure find spiders on or under mine. LOL

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