It Never Gets Old

I tend to frequent a handful of the same few hiking trails in my area. You might think it would get boring to walk the same trails all the time but it really doesn’t.

In fact, I find it fascinating. You see, nature is constantly changing. It’s especially interesting this time of year when the earth is coming to life and everything is starting to bloom.

I hiked the same trail two nights in a row this week and found something different to look at each time.

I especially loved finding this Jack In The Pulpit last night.

And I photograph this same waterfall with my phone all the time but never tire of the view.

I hope that I am always so intrigued and entertained by my surroundings as I am today.

3 thoughts on “It Never Gets Old

  1. Great post! I think we’ve talked about this before – it’s always interesting to visit favourite places regularly. As you say there’s always something new to see and it’s wonderful to see the changes throughout the seasons!

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