Look For The Rainbows

Can you see the rainbow in the above picture? It’s not a great photo or a strong rainbow, just a quick phone picture on a recent hike through the Hocking Hills.

I found it yesterday and thought it a great example of how the way we look at things changes everything.

If you want to see good in the world, you will. If you want to see a rainbow in a trickle of water, you will. No matter how faint.

But with a bad attitude, you will only see the negative. It’s like viewing the world through a black and white lens.

It’s much prettier when you go looking for the good, isn’t it?

Look for something good or happy or pretty in your world today. I promise that it’s there.

7 thoughts on “Look For The Rainbows

  1. That’s a very interesting pair of photo’s actually – and it illustrates why I prefer colour these days.
    You’re absolutely right though – if you go looking for the bad you’ll always find it.

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