Grandview Cemtery In Spring

I have a thing for old cemeteries. They feel sacred, peaceful and welcoming to me. I took these photos at one of my favorites – Grandview Cemetery in Portsmouth –  a few years ago. I was involved in a lengthy relationship with a guy who used to live nearby and we sometimes walked in this cemetery. I loved it here. I haven’t been back to Portsmouth since we broke up over a year ago but imagine the cemetery looks like this right now.


There are a number of old graves here and interesting statuary. I always loved these two.

I have a number of photos from here. Maybe I’ll dig them out and share more with you someday.

2 thoughts on “Grandview Cemtery In Spring

  1. Great images, girl! I, also, love old churches and cemeteries. Believe me when I say that there a LOT of old cemeteries here in the deep south. Many of them are Civil War era and earlier. Lots of good stuff to shoot.

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