Pineapple Happiness

Little makes me happier than having a bowl of fresh pineapple to myself.

I’m not much of a gadget person but I wouldn’t trade my pineapple corer/slicer for anything. It cost about three dollars at Aldi a few years ago and has made cutting up pineapple so much quicker!

Look how pretty this sliced pineapple is and it happened in less than thirty seconds!

2 thoughts on “Pineapple Happiness

  1. Mmm yes, pineapple!!! Have you seen that new way of just peeling and eating pineapple? You pull the little wedgies off. It was a thing on Twitter. A few people tried it and it didn’t work but I don’t think their pineapples were ripe enough. I’ll try it if I ever get my hands on a ripe one. Meanwhile, your gadget seems to work great!!!! I’ll keep that in mind as well.

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