Roll Down The Window and Turn Up The Music

a81.JPGThe last few months have been rough and have left me feeling worn out and cranky. Fortunately, the source of my stress has finally passed and life is returning to normal. I got some rest Friday and then went on a little adventure yesterday.

It wasn’t much of an adventure really but it felt amazing to just breathe fresh air and to do as I pleased without a nagging voice in the back of my mind insisting that things beyond my control could result in disaster.

No pressure, right?

You know how I found my happy place yesterday? I hit the road. More than that, I turned up my favorite playlist and rolled down the windows. There’s something freeing about listening to good tunes with the window rolled down on a sunny day.

roll down the window

I came home smiling and feeling truly happy.

It was a good day.

We spend too much time indoors. My (unsolicited) advice is that you breathe fresh air and soak in the sunshine every chance you get. And, if you’re in the car and the weather allows, roll down the window.

Trust me. It makes driving so much more fun. 

And don’t forget to turn up your favorite music. It’ll make you feel like a teenager again!



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