Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall

I finally made it into my area’s newest source for treasure hunting yesterday. It’s called Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall and it recently opened in Lancaster.

This store is fairly large and has over 300 vendor spaces. It’s a nice mixture of things – antiques, vintage, crafts, new decor and some flea market kind of stuff.

Like any vendor mall, the prices are all over the place but I thought they were mainly reasonable.

I was thrilled to find records.

There’s a lot of farmhouse stuff.

Some handmade items.

Lots of antiques too.

Interested? Learn more at their website.

11 thoughts on “Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall

  1. Vendor Malls!!! I knew there was a name for the kind of antique shops that I like to browse but didn’t know what the name was. I mean, the antique shops with the beautiful, gorgeous, pristine antiques no one can afford to buy are great too, but I like to get down and dirty, rummaging through jam-packed shelves and boxes and bins. Books and records are definitely favorites.

  2. I hit SEND too soon. I wanted to say we have some great Vendor Malls here in Arkansas. There’s one in Hardy I love to spend a couple hours in on a Saturday called Melody Lane or something like that. Two stories in a building from the late 1800s I think.

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