Serenity and the Great Salt Lake

This woman was taking pictures during my visit to the Great Salt Lake and she seemed to be standing everywhere I wanted to take pictures.

After a couple of frustrating attempts to work around her, I gave in and incorporated her into some images.

I really like this one. It’s serene and a bit haunting. She looks at peace.

This picture is a good reminder that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and work with your circumstances – in photography and in life.

Read about my Salt Lake visit here and here.

7 thoughts on “Serenity and the Great Salt Lake

  1. That picture is actually kind of amazing with that woman and the landscape. That would look really cool enlarged and framed and on a wall. If you ever do a photography show, make sure that one is in it! Seriously.

    Ahhh I have memories of visiting the Great Salt Lake. I, of course, could never be convinced to “put on some shoes!!!” so I’m out there barefoot and somehow managed to get myself into some sandburs. My Mom or Dad had to carry me back to the car so we could remove them from my feet. 12 years old. So embarrassing. Had my BFF with us. She, of course, was wearing shoes. LOL

    • Lol. Shoes really were a nuisance out there but I was glad to have them! Did you take a dip in the lake? We waded and it was a little gross but we HAD to do it!

      And thanks for your kind words about the picture. I seriously doubt there is a photography show in my future but this will be the first on the wall and I’ll be sure to invite you!

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