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  1. I came from a very small farming community in eastern Washington state. Palouse was a logging town and then became a major farming community in one of the largest wheat producing areas west of the Mississippi River.

    I was baptized in the Episcopal church in Palouse which fell into disuse in the late 1950s. I haven’t been back to the town in almost 20 years but I doubt that the church still exists. It was a quaint little chapel and I really think it should have been preserved. That saddens me as I, like you, think of all the families that attended that humble church over the years.

    I am awaiting the arrival of my Russian Zorki 4K 35mm camera and once I get it I intend on using it solely for B&W photography. We currently live in Metro Atlanta, although it is more rural than most areas. Lots of old buildings and barns to shoot. Not very many old churches, unfortunately.

    Liked your images. B&W works so well with old, run down and disused buildings, It’s almost sacrilegious to use color film on these old structures.

    • Thank you for reading and for sharing your memories. It seems there‚Äôs no shortage of forgotten and unloved structures in the world these days. Enjoy that new camera!

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