Right Now

Right now the sky is blue and the temperatures are warming up.

Right now the daffodils have pushed through the ground and are loaded with buds that will be open soon.

Right now it feels like something amazing is about to happen despite the starkness of barren trees and brown grass still carpeting the earth

Right now I am dying to work in my flower beds, eat breakfast on the porch and set off down a wooded trail to clear my mind.

Right now I just have to enjoy a walk when I can work one in and dream of being serenaded by birds while I dine on the porch.

What’s happening in your world right now?

4 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. We still have snow and cold in my neck of the woods. I used to eat breakfast on my porch. Used to have the woods all around me. If that’s all I could do is sit on my porch and look at nature, I would be a very blessed man.

    • My porch is screened and it faces a hill covered with trees and brush. It’s habitat for birds, salamanders (who come visit the porch sometimes), squirrels and lots of other little creatures. I also keep the bird feeder well stocked and lots of flowers to draw in the birds, bees and butterflies. During warm months, if I’m home and eating you can bet I’m out there and it is blissful. Everything is better on the porch! ❤️

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