I Forgot To Go Back

Vicennes a (55)I was just looking through pictures from my stay in Vincennes, Indiana last October and realized something. I forgot to visit this great looking record store.

There was a street fair happening that night. Music, a classic car show, vendors – plus there was beautiful fall light that made for nice pictures. I walked by, made a mental note to go back a little later and promptly forgot.

I love local record stores so this feels like a real loss. If you’re in the Vincennes area, please go visit and let me know what it’s like!

Do you ever just suddenly remember something that you forgot to do months after it is no longer relevant? My mind astounds me sometimes.

4 thoughts on “I Forgot To Go Back

  1. Oooo that’s definitely doable if I can ever get the 91-yo to agree to a road trip to Indianapolis to visit my dad’s grave. He’s actually in a cemetery north of there but our people are in and around Indianapolis. We would be coming from Arkansas and that little record store is right on the route!

    I remember growing up in Arizona I would map out all the record stores and go from one to another on a Saturday. Back then we used The Thomas Guide since we didn’t have the internet. LOL

    I love the style of the one in your picture. Those old storefront type stores with the door inbetween the two window display areas. Book stores, record stores and antique shops. My happy places.

    • Those are my happy places too. I stopped by my local record store after work tonight and it reminds me a little of this one- a little downtown storefront packed with goodies! That sounds like a fun road trip, if you can get her to do it. The Red Skelton Museum is in the same town as this record store . I wrote about that last fall- bet your mom would like it there!

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