Crisis Averted

So the headline is a little melodramatic but I was beginning to think a crisis was on the horizon.

You see, since starting the Whole 30 last year, I have become dependent on RX Bars as meal replacements on the go. Even when I’m not following the Whole 30 (like right now), it’s a great way to avoid fast food when there’s no opportunity to eat a decent meal. They also make terrific pre-workout fuel because they taste good but are made with just a few ingredients you can pronounce.

Sadly, a recall due to possible peanut dust exposure left the shelves bare of almost every RX Bar flavor sold in southern Ohio. My supply has been dwindling and I was starting to worry.

Finally, though, I was able to lay my hands on a box yesterday! I also grabbed a new flavor of Bubly because I evidently am an impulse shopper. Doesn’t Blackberry sound yummy?

Isn’t it funny the habits we fall into and how challenging it is to face the prospects of changing even if just for a short time? Is there a product you use that would feel like a catastrophe if you couldn’t get it? Tell me about it!

2 thoughts on “Crisis Averted

  1. YES! Two immediately jumped into my mind. Daisy Sour Cream and Best Foods / Hellman’s (depending on what state you live in) Mayo. I refuse to use any other brands of sour cream and mayo. Oh and Kerry Gold butter so there’s three. I’m glad you were able to find your RX Bars eventually. Whew!

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