Spinning Out Of Control

My record buying has officially spun out of control.

I’ve collected off and on over the years, buying and listening to them in spurts. I might go a year without buying a single record. Right now, I can’t seem to make it a week without dragging home at least one or two. Ok. That’s a lie. More like a dozen a week. Sigh.

There’s a great little record store called Apollo over in Chillicothe and a host of nice antique malls in the area that have records. My hope to buckle down on spending this month failed miserably, mainly because of records.

My music tastes are all over the place so that hasn’t really helped to keep a handle on things either. This week’s haul included everything from classic Conway Twitty to the Flying Burrito Brothers to Paul Revere and the Raiders to eighties Ronnie Milsap.

The best part of collecting records is that you can find them in some of the oddest places for a dollar and up. The bad news is that it’s easy for them to pile up really quickly.

My goal this week is to not spend any money on records. Think I can do it?

Yeah…. I don’t either.


4 thoughts on “Spinning Out Of Control

  1. I started in broadcast radio when I was in college. Worked at a local AM outlet (KCLX 2450 kHz) in Colfax, WA. They had a HUGE record library. Then, after retiring from my teaching job I did some midnight engineering at WNAK–AM 750 kHz in Nanticoke, PA. Their record vault was GIGANTIC! I was in heaven! Unlike Elvis and disco, vinyl is NOT DEAD!!! Still have a turntable and Panasonic tuner/amp. Long live vinyl.

    Rich Arland
    Be Calm…..Carry NIkon

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