Birds Of A Feather

My yard continues to be a haven for the birds this year. I love having them but they don’t love my camera. A few let me take their pictures yesterday so enjoy this collection of pictures of my feathered friends.


4 thoughts on “Birds Of A Feather

  1. Those birdie pictures are so good! I wish I had a camera that could take decent pictures of all the feathered friends that come to our feeders. Especially Woody the Woodpecker and yesterday we finally had a noisy blue jay!! I love the puffy cardinal in the first photo and the titmouse on the metal hook thingie the best.

      • I hope that you do! It was such a thrill yesterday when I could hear one SO CLOSE but couldn’t see him and then all of a sudden there he was! He grabbed a sunflower seed from the feeder and took off. One tiny sunflower seed is not going to fill up a blue jay! Come back and eat some more!

      • Ha ha. My blue jays are happy to perch and eat if I’m inside the house but they take off the minute I open the door. If I hangout for a while with my camera, the other birds will tentatively come back. Not the blue jays! They’ll stay away all day if they have to!

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