I Do Stay Home Sometimes

Most of what I write here involves the places I go and adventures I’ve had over the years. I love to travel and treasure hunt in places near and far and never tire of packing my bag for the next trip. Truth be told, while I do love my adventures, I’m also perfectly happy at home. There’s nothing like a long weekend to remind me how much of a homebody I really am.

This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend I have spent cooking, cleaning, reading, practicing a new hobby, listening to records and exercising. I’ve stomped around in the snow with my camera and curled up on the couch with a Blue Bloods marathon. I’ve spent some time assessing how much stuff (too much, in case you’re wondering) I have and reworked how I use a few things. A clean, organized home is a happy home. It’s even happier when there’s hot chocolate involved.

Winter is the perfect time to stay inside and take care of your nest. It’s also a great time to plan the year’s adventures and to save money for fun when better weather returns.


If I had someone to come home to, I’d probably be very happy coming home and making him dinner and spending my weekends hanging out together. Since I don’t have that kind of life, I’m free to go traipsing off to parts both familiar and unknown.

Today I’ll go back to work and take comfort in knowing that when I come home tonight, I’ll make myself a good dinner and put another record on the turntable. Right now, the homebody in me believes there’s nowhere to be that’s better than where I am.

I hope you’re happy wherever you are.

4 thoughts on “I Do Stay Home Sometimes

    • Sometimes where we need to be and where we want to be aren’t the same place. But we can still find some satisfaction and even joy if we look for reasons to be happy. My life right now isn’t what it was supposed to be but I’ve managed to make it into something good anyway. Acceptance is a good first step. 🙂

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