What Did We Do Before Google?

IMG_5732I stayed in a hotel near Cincinnati last October. It was just one night, I didn’t make the reservation, didn’t take a picture of the sign and couldn’t remember exactly where it was. We were passing through and I took some pictures but nothing that gave any clues as to the identity.

I ran across those pictures this week and, since I can no longer ask the person who would know the answers to my questions, I Googled it. Luckily there are some distinguishing characteristics – it’s a remodeled seventies motel with a gazebo, gardens and a great old farmhouse.

It took about two seconds to figure out it’s the Kirkwood Inn in Mason. It’s close to a really good Half Price Books Store. All you amusement park people might appreciate the proximity to King’s Island.

It’s not the nicest place I’ve ever stayed but it’s a pretty good value when you consider the breakfast buffet served in the house and the ambiance of the garden. It was crowded inside the house that day so we ate outside that brisk October morning. It seemed a little cool but I still remember that meal fondly.

Since my brain preserved those happy memories, I’m grateful that Google helped me recall the rest!

Here are some more photos from the Kirkwood Inn.



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