Chillicothe Antique Emporium

Chillicothe antique store 2Chillicothe has a few good places to buy antiques and vintage items. My favorite of these is American Vintage Warehouse on Water Street. I nearly always find a bargain there and often find some incredibly cool things. In fact, my vintage dinette set and mid century hutch came from there for a great price. I’ll tell you about them some other day.

But I’m not going to talk about this store today.  Yeah…. see what I did? You never know what I’m going to do here. 

Instead, I want to talk about a store that has the absolute best atmosphere. Gorgeous front doors and hardwood floors, nice lighting and clean, organized booths are found here. There’s no junk in this store like you find at a lot of antique malls and everything is very clean. The only downside is that the prices are all over the place – something you see in antique malls because each booth is run by someone different. In this case, they have about two dozen vendors and each of them carries quality items but a few of them are a smidge overpriced.

But I forgive them for this because they have something you don’t find in most antique stores. They have a real, working soda fountain that is absolutely fabulous. The counter came from Georgia and is beautiful. They serve all sorts of delicious goodies including floats, sundaes, shakes and banana splits!

Want to go? I don’t blame you. It’s pretty awesome. The last time I shopped there I found nothing I couldn’t live without but the time before I left with a bagful of stuff including a vintage necklace, hat and book all for great prices.

Chillicothe Antique Emporium is located at 59 E. Main Street in Chillicothe. If you’re familiar with downtown, it’s next to Globe Furniture. Don’t miss out on the second floor and basement stuff too.


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