The Method To My (blogging) Madness



I started blogging earlier this year for a few reasons. At the time, I was recovering from a painful life change and was making a point to go out and experience the world. Consequently, pictures and brief descriptions of my adventures on Facebook inspired friends to begin asking for more.

Some suggested that I write a blog with more in-depth details on what I was doing. Others began to private message for inspiration – where to go, where to eat, etc.  Furthermore, I used to write for a living and simply enjoy documenting my life in this way. It’s like an electronic scrapbook for all the world to see.

So I came here and began telling some of my stories. I will be the first to acknowledge that what I write here doesn’t have a lot of focus. I write about what interests me and since nearly everything interests me, you dear reader, get to benefit (or suffer through) all sorts of oddities.

If you enjoy that kind of roller coaster ride – you’re welcome. And if you don’t – my apologies.

If you haven’t noticed already, my tastes run a bit off the beaten path. If everyone’s doing it, it’s probably not my thing. And that’s not a conscious decision. It’s just how I’m wired. As far as I’m concerned, the stuff you’ve never heard of is almost always more interesting than what everyone else is doing.

A lot of my favorite music, you’ll never hear on the radio. The stores and restaurants I like best are the mom and pops and the borderline dives they don’t write about in travel guides. My tastes run more vintage than modern and my worldview is a weird amalgamation of who I am and who I hope to be.

My goal every day is to leave the world in the same or better condition than I found it that morning. Life is hard. There’s no point in making it worse. Keep it positive and look for the good. That’s why you’ll rarely see me complaining about something here. If it’s documented here, it’s typically a positive thing.

I also believe that we’re the architect of our own lives. If there’s something you don’t like about yourself or your life, odds are you can change it. You may need some elbow grease and ingenuity but anything is possible. If there’s something you really want, go after it. Be brave and strong.

I’m designing the life that I want to have and feel like I’m being brave by telling you all about it. I sincerely hope that you have gleamed something worthwhile from all my ramblings about adventure and collections and books and all the other randomness that pops up here.

Periodically I wonder if it would  be smarter to focus on just one topic. Most bloggers choose something specific – photography or travel or cooking – that they focus on. But life is too big, too interesting to focus on just one area so I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to continue bouncing around, perhaps even sometimes surprising you with the randomness of my interests!

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