Jesse and Vicky Lynn At The Hospital

Jesse and Vicky Lynn at the hospital picture

One of my many odd tendencies is to buy old black and white photos. I don’t know who the people are or what’s happening in the photo a lot of times. I suppose that’s part of the reason I like these pictures, the mystery of it all. Sometimes I like to make up stories about these images. Sometimes i just feel bad they were abandoned and forgotten in a box in an antique store.

I typically don’t buy professional portraits. Instead preferring the snapshots, the ones taken by everyday people with their Brownie at home or on vacation.

I like the ones that make me ask questions, the ones that inspire me to wonder what happened to the subjects.

The picture above is a good example. I paid fifty cents for it in an antique mall in Portsmouth, Ohio. The back simply says “Jesse and Vicky Lynn at the hospital.” That’s it. No date, no last names, no location.

I would love to know what happened to this handsome soldier and, I’m guessing, his daughter.

But we all have a ton of photos just like this – old family photos that grandma never got around to labeling. And this generation has tons of photos that won’t ever even be printed so they can be lost and found by someone like me someday.

When I die, the unfortunate person taxed with cleaning out my house will find a whole bunch of these pictures and wonder who they are and how they were related to me. Hopefully someone will tell them that it’s just another weirdo collection of mine and to relax.

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