The Astra Theater


Little makes my heart happier than seeing historic sites brought back from the brink of ruin. Such is the case at the Astra Theater in Jasper, Indiana. I had never heard of Jasper or the Astra until perusing the tour schedule for Pokey Lafarge several months ago but I’m so glad I found it.

The Astra was shuttered in 2002 and only just reopened this past April.  Tucked into a small corner of Jasper’s town square, this building would be easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. But it has a great sign that looks amazing at night and the town is so enthusiastic about their theater. People are proud to have it back, proud to usher, proud to serve on the board, thrilled to know that an out-of-towner came to see a show.

Opened in April 1936, the building originally had a neat art deco vibe. They were able to salvage some details like the original lobby ticket booth and colorful lights inside the theater. They extended the stage and stripped the walls down to beautiful exposed brick. It feels both old and modern at the same time.

Pokey concert 2 (6).JPG

The space feels intimate and it’s just a fun place to see a show. It’s a little far for me to go all the time but certainly a theater I would visit again for the right act. I’ll tell you more about the town of Jasper another day. Here’s another look at this outside, this time with me mugging for the camera!

pokey concert (2)

PS: A duo called The Honey Vines opened for Pokey and they are beautiful singer songwriters. So glad I got to hear them too!




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