Eating Vegetarian At the Old School Cafe


Jasper and vicinity (55)

Nothing makes a vegetarian feel more welcome in a restaurant than finding reasonably healthy, interesting vegetarian dishes on the menu. And I’m not talking grilled cheese and sad little salads either. I mean real food. Technically, I’m pescetarian, meaning that I’ll eat some fish and seafood. But even then, it’s not so healthy in most restaurants because everything comes deep fried.

Consequently, I’ve fallen into the rather unhealthy habit of just skipping meals sometimes when I’m out. Or I’ll pack snacks – RX Bars, apples, nuts, etc. just to have something. It’s easier that way. So you can imagine how thrilled I am every time a restaurant menu presents choices.

I had this delicious veggie wrap while out adventuring Saturday – fresh veggies, a small amount of fresh blended cheese and ranch dressing packed into a sun dried tomato wrap with a side of chips and a crisp, delicious pickle. Yum.

Jasper and vicinity (65)

I’m guessing I don’t have many followers in the southern Indiana region who are looking for quick vegetarian food, but if you are, this is the place to be. The meal was great and the atmosphere was fun too.

Jasper and vicinity (59)Jasper and vicinity (66)

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