National Road Monday (37).JPG

I took a little road trip this weekend. It’s funny how easy it is to hop out of bed when you have somewhere fun to be. In fact, I was up early enough to see the sunrise every day. One morning I watched it from the Lincoln Bridge in Vincennes, Indiana. Yesterday it was from the car as I drove the National Road through western Ohio.

There is nothing more powerful than the sun and yet we tend not to notice it most days. It just happens. It’s there. But if you stop and watch, it’s pretty amazing.

There’s also something optimistic about seeing the sun rise.  I felt an urge to be outside, to witness the dawn of each day.  And I felt better for it.

I made a vow that I would try to do this more, to see sunrises, not just on vacation but every chance I get. Sadly, I know this was a lie. It would be lovely to follow through but life tends to get in the way.

The lies we tell ourselves, right?



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