America’s Oldest Five and Dime Store


If you’re looking for a trip down memory lane there’s no better place than Berdine’s Five and Dime in Harrisville, West Virginia. This is America’s oldest five and dime store and it’s a truly special destination.

They’ve been in business since 1908 and not much has changed over the years. With hardwood floors, a pressed tin ceiling and antique wood and glass display cases, it’s like a step back in time.

They have a neat selection of novelties, including kitchen gadgets, toys, games, bulk candy, soaps, ointments, tin toys, sewing supplies and all sorts of interesting things. In fact, it is packed from floor to ceiling and after three or four trips around the store, I was still discovering new things I hadn’t noticed before.



Aren’t these cabinets magnificent?

berdines 12

And they have all sorts of fun toys for a few cents to a few dollars.

berdines 3

Check out the bins of little plastic animals, Army men, cowboys and Indians!

berdines 7

I loved the tin toys so much I bought a wind-up train!

berdines 4

They have a nice selection of fun, vintage candies as well as this great case of bulk candies.

berdines 6.jpg

They even still have the original cash register which I believe goes up to $3.

I absolutely love this place. It smells magnificently old and it was great fun to hear different generations so excited to find things that reminded them of their own childhood. It reminds me of Perdue’s, a five and dime that used to be in Wellston. We stopped there often when I was a kid and I was devastated when it closed. It has since been torn down and replaced with a parking lot. Perhaps it’s that loss that makes me appreciate Berdine’s all the more.

There’s something about an old building – the smell, the light, the creak of the wood floor – that makes you forget what’s happening in the outside world. It feels like magic.


Berdine’s is located at 106 North Court Street in Harrisville, West Virginia, about 45 minutes from Parkersburg. If you go, be sure to take cash and check their website or Facebook page for current hours.






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