Gloomy Day Musings

blog.JPGIt has been gloomy here in southeastern Ohio for a few days now. The rain has settled in and, despite promises of pleasant weather this weekend, it’s starting to feel like the sun is on permanent leave.

This has caused me to reminisce about a vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains three years ago this week. We had lovely weather for most of the week but the day we visited Clingman’s Dome was gloomy.

Incidentally, the visit to Clingman’s Dome included a short hike on the Appalachian Trail which runs right through the Smokys. It was my first experience on the trail and a memorable one. It is a dream of mine to hike the AT. At my age and position in life, it would have to be in sections but I think it’s a worthwhile goal. That would be an incredible adventure!

But I digress.

We saw some amazing things on this trip but, for some reason, this image has stayed with me and has become iconic to that trip. It’s not the most beautiful picture I took that trip but it’s haunting and beautiful and I like it anyway.


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