Chillicothe Ghost Walk

Yesterday I told you about meeting a ghost during my visit to Crosskeys Tavern. The rest of the ghost walk was pretty uneventful where the otherworldly are concerned but I had a great time anyway.

Thought you might enjoy a few more pictures from the tour sites.

The Majestic Theater is one of my favorite places in Chillicothe but I’m always a little sad at how unloved it has been for many years. Thankfully, there is some activity afoot and plans are underway to at least triage the grand ballroom upstairs. Community theater performances, comedy shows and bands sometimes use the stage here. About once a month they show old movies for just $5 a ticket. Go, if you can. There’s never many people and it’s fun to see movies like Pretty Woman and others on the big screen.


Plans to go inside the Foulke Block didn’t work out but we still had a great tour of the outside here. I had no idea that there is a walkway and basement access to storefronts underneath the sidewalk.

I’ve been by this staircase many times but never gave it a second thought.

chillicothe oddfellows sidewalk above.JPG

This is what’s happening underneath the sidewalk!

chillicothe faulks sidewalk use

One of our tour guides indicated that there once were more of these walkways in town but they have succumbed to age and progress. I’m not sure if it was this guide but I like his style and he did a nice job.

chillicothe foulks tour guide

I also thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the Odd Fellows Lodge. This group is sort of a mystery to me but I know Vinton County once had three lodges. They’re all gone but the Odd Fellows continue to this day in other communities.

Chillicothe oddfellowschillicothe oddfellows floorChillicothe oddfellows altar and windowchillicothe oddfellows altar woodwork 2


I even got my picture taken standing on the gorgeous old altar of the Odd Fellows. If you’re an Odd Fellow, I’m guessing you will think this is sacrilege. My apologies but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!


If you’re in the Chillicothe area the next time they have one of these Ghost Walks, my advice is to go. It’s just $10 a ticket and a fun way to pass an afternoon. I had to wait in line at three of five locations but the lines went pretty quickly. I think it took about four hours to do the entire thing and it was extremely interesting and a lot of fun. The event gives you a peak behind the scenes of places you might not otherwise notice.


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