The Power of Yes

Phipps (6).JPGI’ve done a fair amount of wandering this summer. If money and time allowed I would wander somewhere at least once a week but then I suppose it wouldn’t be so special.

This last trip was to Pittsburgh to visit an old friend. She and I met years ago when our professional paths crossed. We hit it off quickly but life took us in much different directions and we lost touch. Thanks to Facebook we have reconnected and gotten to know each other better. When my relationship ended last year she was one of the first people to reach out and I’m so grateful she did.

Nichola is an excellent tour guide, thoughtfully planning activities she thought I would enjoy including some things a little different than what I’m accustomed to in southern Ohio.

She periodically shared stories about the local flavor – the history, geography, social politics, food, linguistics, art scene and everything in between. I was whisked away from the hotel early in the morning and returned each evening having toured her favorite spots which, as it turns out, were my favorite spots as well.

I absolutely love her city and am glad that she is so happy there.

The fact I’m interested in most everything, I think, means that I’m an easy travel companion. The fact we share so many interests, made it safe to trust that whatever she had planned would be fun.

We’re both early risers and decided at the last minute on Monday to watch the sunrise.

Walking around b (10)Standing on the observation deck of the Duquesne Incline, watching the city awaken and change with the rising sun reminded me of the importance of saying “yes.”

If I had fussed over the short notice or decided to sleep a little longer, we would have missed this amazing experience. And it truly was amazing.

I’m trying to figure out how the power of yes can be applied to my everyday life. The daily grind isn’t so fun as vacation but there has to be ways to incorporate more yes, more adventures, more happiness into each day without sacrificing work and responsibility.

So this is my new goal, to look for ways to be happier and ways to chase adventure and fun every chance I get.

sunrise 2 (2).JPG


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