Roadside Attractions

Hole overview.JPGRoadside attractions are part of the fun of any road trip. Yes, sometimes they’re corny and a little pointless but a good roadside attraction will often rank one of the most memorable parts of your trip.

There is a real oddity just outside Moab, Utah. It’s called Hole in the Rock and it’s a fun stop if you’re traveling down US 191.

Essentially, it’s a giant sandstone rock that’s been carved up into living space. It’s a quarter mile high and about a mile around the base. The folks who turned the rock into a home for their family took twenty years to do so. In addition to living here, they operated a diner and eventually began giving tours.

Today you can receive a brief guided tour for just $6 and hear all about the unusual home which has been lovingly maintained with its mid twentieth century furnishings. They don’t allow pictures inside so I sadly have no images to share.

IMG_1702They also have a petting zoo on site (which we didn’t tour), a handful of gift shops and a wealth of novelties to look at.

It’s the most unusual home I’ve ever seen and the whole place is just a neat stop where you can stretch your legs, buy a cold drink and have a look around.

Want to learn more? Visit Hole In The Rock Online!  

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