Staying In Moab

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Are you tired of hearing about my Utah vacation yet?

Good. Here’s more.

We spent the bulk of our week based in a tiny house just outside Moab. It was located on the outskirts of town close to the road to the national parks, the stores, downtown and pretty much anything else we needed.

Moab is an interesting place. Settled back in 1878, Moab today is largely a tourist community with a fun downtown district and rich history. My two favorite places here were a locally owned bookstore and a place called Moab Made that specializes in handmade jewelry, art and gifts.

We also liked the patio of a little Italian place along the main drag as well as the Sunset Grill which sits high above the city and offers the best food, views and even a great story. By the way, it has a great story and you can read about it here.

The area has a prominent place in pop culture too as it has been featured in a number of Hollywood films. It’s a long list but my favorite would have to be Thelma and Louise which was an ongoing joke for us gals as we adventured through our week.

The town has a great little museum that covers much of their history including ranching, the Uranium boom, the development of the parks, native history and a nice display on the Civilian Conservation Corps camp that was once here.

Moab is home to a number of companies that arrange adventure tours by air, land and sea. If you’re looking to fly, rock climb, off-road, kayak or do basically anything else outdoors, there is a tour operator here that can help.

If you go, consider taking the Airbnb route. Hotels here are pretty expensive and you could have a whole condo here for about half the price of a modest hotel.

What else? Oh. Look for the public art. There’s a lot of it around town and it does a lot to add character to the place.

I’m always on the lookout for my next great adventure. What town is your favorite place to visit?

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