Fielding Garr Ranch

Yesterday I told you about dipping our toes in the Great Salt Lake and how there is a historic ranch located on Antelope Island State Park. It just so happens that this ranch was one of my favorite stops this trip.

The ranch was established by a fellow named Fielding Garr, who built the first log cabin in 1848 while acting on behalf of the Mormon Church. Cattle and sheep were ranched here and the ranch operated continually until becoming a state park in the early eighties.

Today you can tour the ranch house, barns and surrounding acreage. One highlight here is the herd of buffalo which are easily viewed from the barn yard. The barns and buildings are packed with memorabilia including old saddles and tools, vintage advertising, old radios and a wide variety of other items.

I also loved the ranch house where each room is set up to to represent a different era in the home’s history. My favorite room was the kitchen where I recognized a number of vintage utensils and equipment similar to what my grandmother may have used. I also loved the laundry room with its pink Kenmore washer.

Incidentally, this ranch house is the oldest home in Utah.

We found one thing that was especially unique, or at least, it was special to us. My traveling companion shrieked like a little girl when she saw this old bin in the blacksmith’s shop. Look at the brand on top. It was made in Wellston, Ohio – Johnna’s hometown.

I guess it’s true – you’re never too far from home.

The ranch was well worth the time to visit. Feeders draw in the hummingbirds and a host of other birds and wildlife call the island home. Large trees offer shade and the place is just far enough off the beaten path there is little noise from automobiles and motorcyles.

It is relaxing here as well as fun. 

And honestly, it’s just peaceful here – a welcome respite from the bustling traffic found in the city.

Want to visit Antelope Island? Click here for more. 

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