That’s Not On The Whole 30


I really enjoy the food available to me on the Whole 30. It’s basically clean eating meant to change your relationship with food. It’s about eating lots of fresh produce, fish and healthy fats that are tasty and filling. With that said, I’m on day twenty-something of my second round since May and am suddenly dying for pancakes.

I had this order of french toast while on a weekend trip last month and I’m trying hard to hold on to one memory while I stave off this craving.

This plate of french toast that sounded so good, this french toast that I looked forward to ordering – didn’t taste very good.

My tastes have changed enough that I was happier with the bowl of fruit and eggs than with the buttery, syrupy goodness of that food I once loved.

Progress. I’m calling this progress.

So as I sit here craving pancakes and syrup, I’ll hold on to this memory a little longer. It’s not worth it because it won’t taste as good as I think it should.

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