Whole 30: Day 11

It’s day eleven of my second round of the Whole 30. I’m more than a third of the way through and feeling pretty good. My mind is clear and my body feels strong. I’m rarely hungry between meals and am learning to better cope with the rare cravings for sweets.

This week my workplace has felt like a landmine for food. Upstairs we celebrated June birthdays with snacks that everyone carried in. Then there were donuts in the lunchroom and the usual candy baskets and snacks for purchase. I have navigated it all like a pro, not even feeling tempted to join in.

Don’t be too impressed – life is easier when I have rules. That’s all. I know junk food is against the rules and that any slips will cause me to return to day one. It’s much easier to look at something and say “that’s not for me” than it is to make a quick decision to eat or not to eat.

I respond well to rules. Since the Whole 30 has a lot of rules, I function pretty well when I’m on round!

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