A Smoking Selfie

Shamrock Inn Selfie with Cigarette MachineOkay, so the title might be a bit misleading but I couldn’t resist… Selfies have never really been my thing but I’m trying hard to change my ways. For work last week I interviewed the owner of an Irish pub (yes, I was really there to work)  where I found myself attempting to photograph a vintage cigarette machine. Most of my selfies are actually reflections in shiny surfaces, doors, mirrors, etc. so this fit my criteria. I especially liked the exposed brick and the lines on this vintage treasure.

My cousin Tammy said that she loves this photo because, while I’m in it, the picture is of more than just me. It includes something that is a vintage treasure and, for that reason, captures my soul.

I really like that concept and the idea of capturing myself with something that reflects who I am on a deeper level.

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