I need an adventure. A walk along a forested trail. A drive down some road I’ve never seen before. A day of treasure hunting at yard sales. Something that is unplanned.

My life is all about planning. It’s all about seeing how much work or fun or responsibilities can be crammed into a single day. But the universe is calling my name. It’s time to go out and play.

My fella and I are both free this weekend and he’s coming here. There’s a college town nearby – our alma mater, in fact. So I think we’ll head there and see what we can get into. Thrifting? A movie? Walk along the bike path? Who knows?

An adventure doesn’t have to be expensive or in some far off distant place. It can be in your own backyard as this wonderful commercial for Nexus 7 illustrates. And by the way, I’ve never used a Nexus, don’t really care about the product and couldn’t remember the product name until I googled it so I’m certainly not suggesting you buy one. I just love the message of this commercial.

Adventure is a state of mind not a destination. 

I hope you find your adventure this weekend. There’s something fabulous waiting for us all just around the next bend. Maybe you’ll even see a dinosaur…..

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