Do you find yourself saying ‘no’ a lot?

I do.

My Mr. Wonderful pointed out the other day that I say NO more than I say YES these days. So I was inspired when I saw a post by my favorite scrapbooking rock star blogger Ali Edwards on this very topic.

So inspired that I want to start saying yes more often and leave that two-letter word behind for a while. Turns out I say yes more than I get credit for. Here are some things I’m saying yes to these days.

Saying yes to walking two miles after work every day.

Saying yes to inspiring new books like “When everything changed:  The amazing journey of american women from 1960 to the present”  The first story is about a woman thrown out of traffic court in 1960 for wearing dress pants to court. I’m only a few chapters in but have a greater appreciation for my life today.

Saying yes to fresh produce! Melons, berries and beans have been on the menu for nearly every meal these last few weeks.

Saying yes to rest. A girl needs her beauty sleep, right?

Saying yes to being spontaneous.

Saying yes to the fella who means the world to me so that I never see those sad eyes telling me I’m no fun sometimes.

What are you saying yes to these days?


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